Meeting the Oracle

Buffett. Live!

“If I was that young again and had no money, I would still do what I love, but that’s not what people always tell you. Though I was told you should only work for someone you admire — so I decided to work for myself.”

When asked what he would do differently and what lessons he had learned in his career, Buffett responded by admitting while there were no major upheavals, there were some lesser mistakes — primarily around selling too late. He acknowledged the challenges of the textile industry and wished he had gotten out sooner, then mentioned US Airways as yet another example of having divested too late. He stressed maintaining a proper “batting average” above all and not agonizing over the small stuff.

Such focus.
Buffett’s lunchtime fav.
Jane, barely able to contain herself.
Buffett whispers sweet stock tips into Jane’s ear.
Moments later, I snuck in for a shot.
Salad in Nebraska. Not pictured: buttermilk ranch dressing.
Our mini root beer floats!
Buffett’s one indulgence: the big boy float.
“Nice wallet. Can I have it?”
Notice the instinctive behavior to copy his astute arm positions.
I really tried.
Buffett and me.



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